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Eating weed is more than just getting high these days. Inventive edibles like infused sugar and savory spice mixes make adding cannabis to food a piece of cake. Squiers Specialty Elixirs follows this tradition, providing a large amount of cannabinoids in an easy-to-dosage edible. The best part? The many ways to enjoy them.

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The brand was founded after its namesake, chef Zack Squiers, with the goal of crafting a THC syrup with 100% real ingredients. And it keeps its promise made with agave, real fruit juices, purees, hemp extract, Himalayan pink salt, gum arabic and filtered water.

Bottles of Squiers Specialty Elixir contain 100 mg of THC or a choice of 20 mg 1:1 THC to CBD (your choice) flavored THC syrup (prices range from $8 to $25). Bottles are available with delta-9 in nearly 30 states and through regulated dispensaries in Maine and Massachusetts. It has the potential to be a powerful mixer in a small package.

There are five flavors: Mandarin Mango, Raspberry Lime, Blackberry Lavender, Pink Pineapple and Blueberry Lemon. Each bottle contains a fast-acting, all-natural, vegan, 100% fruit syrup with a huge amount of weed. The product is meant to be a drink mixer, and they share many recipes, but the possibilities feel endless. Squiers sent a package for the team to try, and it’s true Green State fashion, we got creative.

THC Ice Cream Sundae

While making weed cocktails is one of my favorite pastimes, the most delicious way I tried Squiers Elixirs was on top of my ice cream. A THC ice cream sundae is an especially sweet end to the day, especially at high doses. The syrup doesn’t freeze when poured over the ice cream, but thickens against the cold scoops, resulting in a nice mouthfeel along with added flavor.

Squiers’ sweetness and thick viscosity are a perfect complement to an ice cream sundae or a single scoop, but remember to use the nifty dosing cap to avoid overconsumption.

Pot pancakes

Flavored syrup is an international pancake favorite, and making it at home is as easy as heating maple syrup and fruit in a saucepan. Why not do the same with THC syrup? There are a few ways to achieve this.

Those who like hot syrup on their pancakes can heat uninfused maple on the stove and add Squiers after removing from the heat. For a lower maintenance approach, simply mix the THC syrup directly into the maple or pour it directly over the flapjacks. Choose your own adventure!

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Slow Dose Stoner Ice Cubes

Squiers Elixirs were created as ideal mixers for non-alcoholic drinks or shaken cannabis drinks. They are not simple syrups and contain no emulsifiers, so some expressed dismay that they did not easily incorporate into drinks. Those trying to infuse a frothy drink that shouldn’t be shaken or stirred too much, you might want to freeze their Squiers.

Carefully dosed little ice cubes made from these syrups could slowly seep the THC into a weed drink, which depending on the person, can be a great or unwanted way to consume. This isn’t a method for everyone, but people who like a slow-burn edible effect may appreciate consuming a drink that continues to increase in THC as the ice melts.

Cannabis cake

Do you want to go big? Put this powerful pot product into a cake by infusing ice cream or a jam filling. There are many ways to infuse a weed cake, but when it comes to using Squiers, the best infusion point would be the frosting or filling rather than baking it into the cake.

Fruity flavors go well with a lemon or vanilla cake, but a berry filling never goes wrong with chocolate. Mixing Squiers with these cake ingredients is simple: add your favorite dose and stir to combine. The other liquid ingredients may need to be adjusted, but this should be a simple cooking motion. For those who want their birthday candles to burn brighter this year, you may want to add a little syrup to the bowl.

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Squiers Elixirs for more than just drinks

Cannabis drinks are having a heyday as an accessible method of consumption for people more used to sipping a seltzer at a party rather than a puff on a hog. Squiers Specialty Elixirs answers that call, but GreenState saw an opportunity outside of beverages with these syrups.

From slathering on pancakes or ice cream, we’ve found plenty of ways to enjoy THC with Squiersand you can too.

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