Most effective CBD product for terpene relaxation, EEG scans show

Many experienced cannabis users generally agree that the Entourage effect, the power of terpenes, together with cannabinoids, produces a much stronger effect. But how do you prove it in quantifiable terms?

One such company set out to collect data to back up the idea. Kinloch Wellness, makers of plant-based health and wellness products, announced the results of a landmark observational study conducted in collaboration with Zentrela, a pioneer in neurotechnology that uses AI to analyze electroencephalogram (EEG) data. in search of a huge database of cannabis effects.

What they found was that a terpene-infused CBD product was several times more effective than a CBD-only product.

A cross-sectional examination was carried out in the Zentrelas laboratory with 15 participants. They compared a specific product infused with CBD and various terpenes, versus a leading product with only CBD as a comparator. Participants consumed one unit with 50 mg of CBD from each product and participants underwent EEG testing.

This technology has been perfected for over 50 years: previous EEG studies have shown that EEG has the potential to capture changes in EEG characteristics caused by cannabinoids. And the novelty of this research, says the team, is not only based on the use of EEG technology, but in how the EEG analysis was performed.

We heard from consumers that CBD products with terpenes were the only ones that worked for them. We wanted to quantify that, says Dwayne Stewart, CEO of Kinlock Wellness, in a phone interview. So we worked with Zentrela out of Toronto, which uses EEGs attached to a subject’s head, Stewart continues. It allows them to measure and they’ve done it thousands of times across different types of products and they have an AI-based algorithm that allows them to understand what’s going on.

He explained that this allows the team to actually measure the impact of the products and allows scientists to show what’s going on in their brains in a measurable way, beyond the merely subjective responses that shape what we anecdotally understand as the Entourage effect. The primary purpose of this study was to objectively measure the effectiveness of Kinloch’s Serene CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop in increasing the state of relaxation in consumers. Kinlochs Serene products are THC-free broad-spectrum drops, says Stewart.

Data-driven products go beyond anecdotal evidence

So what did the Zentrelas lab find? The product that was enhanced with both CBD and terpenes was several times more effective than CBD-only controls. The study revealed three key findings:

  • For female study participants, Kinloch Serene CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop, which contains CBD and terpenes, was five times more effective in relaxing the group than the CBD-only comparator product.
  • On average, for all participants, The Kinloch Serene CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop was three times more effective in relaxing the study group than the CBD-only comparator product.
  • The results of this study show that two products can contain identical amounts of the same cannabinoids and still create very different effects (Kinloch Serene CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop vs. the comparator).

Going beyond the single product, it shows why more emphasis should be placed on terpenes. “This research highlights the potential role of terpenes and their effects in conjunction with cannabinoids such as CBD. Although more robust trials are needed, these findings serve to educate consumers by providing guidance on the potential effects of cannabis products.” , Rahim Dhalla, pharmacist and founder of Hybrid Pharm said in the announcement. “This research further empowers the consumer and helps facilitate informed decision-making. This is an essential step in understanding the complexities of cannabinoid science.”

Serene CBD Gummy Drops are infused with -Caryophyllene and three other terps: Linalool, -Pinene and -Phellandrene. Terpenes are directly involved with the active cannabinoids. – Caryophyllene, for example, binds to the CB2 receptor, acting as a full agonist. But where does Kinloch Wellness source its terpenes? They come from cannabis-derived terpenes, as well as single-source terpenes, Stewart says. From natural sources. All our terpenes are naturally based and come from plant material.

The results show that there is a measurable way to demonstrate whether a product is effective for relaxation, specifically.

If you were targeting a product for a certain effect, why not bring in other parts of the plant that have a positive effect, Stewart says. And that’s what we’ve done with product profiles. And the way we show that is through data-driven companies like us.

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