Roberto Sanchez is jumping into his 60s with a love of exercise: Muscle & Fitness

Suave and suave in his role as Pinky in the hit Apple TV+ series Palm Royale, Roberto Sanchez gives a star turn as a sophisticated gangster out to make a quick buck. But when it comes to working out, the fit 59-year-old has been investing in his fitness all his life. M&F sat down with the accomplished actor to find out how he likes to work out and soon found out why he’s in his 60s.

Life as a Hollywood star began for Roberto Sanchez when he landed his breakout role as Roberto (yes, the same name!) 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). Before that time, the Cuban had done concerts as a model and appeared in commercials. But following the advice of others, Sánchez decided to dedicate himself to acting. Still, he was working as an armed guard on the Miami Metrorail when his agent called to tell him he was going to be part of the biggest car movie franchise of all time.

It was very important because out of all the main characters, my character was the only one who got kicked out of Miami, he shares. Sánchez had been doing his shift at the train station for about fifteen minutes when he received the welcome call. By then, however, I was already dealing with an unruly passenger who refused to quit smoking. Something said, answer this, remember the star. I’m looking at this guy and I said you know what, wait a minute. After learning he had landed the part, the aspiring actor approached the pesky smoker. And he fought because I thought he was going to really fight, and I walked up to him and said, man, you can smoke the whole pack for all I care.

Moments later, Sanchez was handing in his two-week notice to start shooting2 Fast 2 Furiousand has never looked back.


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Roberto Sánchez believes that training should evolve as we mature

Although Sanchez didn’t follow in his father’s Olympic-level judo footsteps, he’s always been a fan of sports like basketball and is also a fan of Bruce Lee, so he caught the fitness bug from from the beginning The actor has a chest tattoo emblazoned with the legendary line; Don’t pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure something difficult.

Fortunately, the star never shies away from her own challenges, and is happiest when she’s sweating, but she also understands that workouts should evolve just like us. As we get older, and sometimes I’m difficult, so it’s been an adjustment, you have to make adjustments in your training, says the star, who has developed a passion for skipping rope. You can do it anywhere, he explains. I got the digital version (version) because sometimes you’re in a gym and you need to find space.

Digital jump ropes are convenient because they are cordless and tangle-free. The handles have weight attachments to recreate the load on the strings. And, as with traditional jumping, you can burn up to 20 calories per minute, meaning just 15 minutes of jumping rope can burn 300 calories.

Sánchez explains that jumping has become such a basic part of his regimen that he adds it among other exercises to reduce rest times. He’s been a great man, I love him, and I feel like my heart feels good, I’m still fit. A quick check of Instagram reveals that Sanchez is in amazing shape and ready and ready for any project. The star says that in recent years she has also added intermittent fasting to her lifestyle, generally not eating after 8pm and until 11am the next morning.

In addition toPalm Royalestarring Sánchez6 hours awayavailable on Hulu and Prime Video, and also returns for the new season ofBlack mafia family. The actor notes that while he loves playing villains, he does so by adding an element of humor, adding a lovable rogue element to many of his on-screen characters. Creating positive representations of his culture is important to Roberto Sanchez, who is an inspiring illustration that hard work pays off.

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