Women report “sweaty breasts” while taking weight-loss drugs

Ozempic has already been linked to a number of strange body changes, including sagging skin and sunken cheeks.

But now women are reporting a side effect called “Ozempic breasts,” which is when their breasts shrink or increase in size.

Doctors say the former is to be expected because as someone loses weight, the fatty tissue in the breasts also decreases, making them smaller.

But the latter is more surprising to experts. One line of thought is that hormonal fluctuations in the body cause temporary breast swelling or tenderness.

Last month, Oprah admitted she used weight-loss drugs for her dramatic body transformation, after previously denying she took Ozempic.

Oprah Winfrey previously admitted to using weight-loss drugs for her dramatic body transformation, after denying she ever took weight-loss drugs. Shown in the image above in 2019, left, and December last year

The above shows Jessica Dennis, a mother of four currently in South Dakota, who said her breasts shrunk while on Ozempic.

The above shows Jessica Dennis, a mother of four currently in South Dakota, who said her breasts shrunk while on Ozempic.

Another theory is that as people get thinner, their breasts simply appear bigger.

Even so, dozens of women have been disappointed or pleasantly surprised by the phenomenon.

Dr. Andrew Peredo, a plastic surgeon in New York City, told DailyMail.com: “With Ozempic, what I’ve noticed is that a lot of people will take a high dose of the weight loss drug and then lose the weight very quickly.

“And when that happens, the skin doesn’t have time to retract and recover.

He added: “They’ll lose weight all over, the chest will be totally deflated, the bottom will be totally deflated and they’ll lose weight on the face too.”

Dr. Smita Ramanadham, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey, added, “For our breasts, most of our tissue is actually fat, and generally when you lose fat, you also lose that size in your breasts.

“I think what we have to remember is that any weight loss affects the whole body, and one person’s experience will probably be different than another. It’s best to check with your doctor.

Among those who reported that their breasts shrunk after taking the miracle weight loss drugs was Jessica Kahn of Kansas City, Missouri.

She lost 70 pounds over nine months while taking Ozempic’s sister medication, Wegovy, and was thrilled with the results, which meant she was able to get a breast reduction.

But while taking the drugs, she also shared photos showing how her breasts had started to shrink as the weight came off.

“I couldn’t be happier with my results and I can’t wait to continue,” she said, “the side effects are brutal at times, but for me it’s worth it in exchange for the boost in confidence, the comfort I feel . my own skin, and the possibility of finally getting a breast reduction.”

And in a second case of breasts shrinking while taking the drug, Jessica Brown, 47, of Kentucky, said that after losing just 40 pounds on Ozempic, her breasts sagged.

“My breasts definitely sagged more,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

There are also a number of reported cases online of people who actually have enlarged breasts while taking the drug.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, plastic surgeon in San Francisco

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, plastic surgeon in San Francisco

In a Reddit thread, a man explained how his wife was getting upset because she didn’t seem to be losing weight while her breasts were getting bigger and her shirt was getting tighter.

“I feel bad for both of them because of the zero weight loss,” she wrote, “but doubly bad for her because of how upset she is about her chest and being so uncomfortable and insecure in her clothes even more now than before custom”.

A second person responded to the post saying they were experiencing this too, saying, “I’m experiencing this too and I’m 100,000 percent sure there’s no way I’m pregnant.”

“I think in my case, I’m actually losing fat on my sides, so my breasts look and feel bigger. It’s a situation where they’re not blurring into my side fat as much as they used to “.

One theory is that fat cells house the female sex hormone estrogen.

When someone begins to lose weight, cells begin to release this hormone causing levels in the body to rise.

This can cause the breasts to swell because the higher levels can cause them to retain more water or, as in the menstrual cycle, stimulate them to temporarily grow more breast tissue.

Another theory suggests that the weight loss patients experience helps increase blood flow around the body, even to areas like the breasts, causing them to increase in size.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, said in a TikTok video: “Any time you lose a large amount of weight by any means, your body is going to change.

“It’s going to be a little deflated because you’re going to lose fat. And as you lose fat, your skin gets looser and your face and breasts start to sag.

She added: “When it comes to the face, you can treat it with fillers or… a facelift.

“But when it comes to breasts, fillers won’t really do the trick. We should just start thinking about a breast lift to remove excess skin and make it perkier, or getting breast implants to restore some volume.”

More than 5 million Americans were estimated to be taking a weight-loss drug like Ozempic by the end of 2023, according to an analysis of electronic medical records by Epic Research.

And that number is only expected to increase with approximately 42 percent of adults in the United States suffering from obesity.

Ozempic and many similar drugs are meant to be reserved for patients with type 2 diabetes, but doctors often prescribe them off-label for weight loss.

Its sister drug Wegovy, which also uses semaglutide, has been approved for weight loss in the US.

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