Longevity supplements are becoming mainstream

Xandro is on a mission to make science-based wellness nutrition accessible to everyone.

For some longevity supplement companies, their work is done when you buy their product; no Xandro, which takes a global approach, sharing research on its ingredients for informed decision-making in advance and hosts a community that empowers people from all walks of life who share a common passion for health and wellness .

Longevity.Technology: Based in Singapore, Xandro wants to catalyze positive change in the longevity supplement industry with a brand that emphasizes affordability, quality and community. With a myriad of supplements that support everything from heart health to immunity, as well as combo packs that offer a daily cure for longevity and vitality, Xandro wants to make health optimization a simple process that easily becomes part of the daily routine.

We sat down with Xandros Shantanu Kumar (CEO), Eugene He (Chief Advisor) and Toby Chin (Research Scientist) and Dr. Hishamuddin Badaruddin, a doctor of longevity medicine, to learn more about what makes this supplement company works..

Xandro forward

Accessible, verifiable, sustainable

We see Xandro as a brand truly focused on optimizing human potential and performance, ensuring we are in the best position to fight for longevity and health. People might classify Xandro as a biohacker brand, but we’re not. While we may sound like a biohacker candy store, we’re actually a scientifically curated range of supplements and ingredients that caters to both the general consumer who doesn’t know what they need and those on doctor’s recommendations. We don’t offer extreme experimentation, but we take the best practices and the best verified scientific research and make it available to consumers.

When we started Xandro, we had a very specific goal in mind: We wanted to make longevity supplements much more accessible to many more people, without being priced beyond measure. We spoke to consumers who said that several regimens were not sustainable for months at a time because the cost was prohibitive. So what we’ve tried to do is make it much more accessible in terms of price, in terms of how long you can use our supplements, you’ll see that in our price as well as our high concentration and longer supply .

In addition to making supplements more accessible, we wanted to raise awareness. We found that while people have heard of longevity supplements and biohacking in general, the necessary knowledge or awareness is lacking beyond the top 1% of people. So we dedicate a large part of our website to education, with nearly 250 curated articles and lots of social media information. We develop new topics every week and publish between 2 and 4 articles per week.

Putting all of this into practice requires a community effort, which is where a community is established. We spend a lot of time on collaborations and building smaller communities where people work together so that it becomes a practice and not just a business outcome. In the end, consumers have benefit this is the thesis behind Xandro.

Going mainstream

If we go back a few decades, people in medical school were never taught about longevity or about nutritional supplements. But even now, if you ask most doctors, they still don’t know about spermidine, AKG, resveratrol and the like. Doctors need to start learning about it, educate themselves about it, and that way it will become mainstream.

A lot of people say, Oh, I’ll just have balanced nutrition, a balanced diet, but in today’s modern life, most people are too busy to maintain that. Add in a significant amount of processed foods and there is a need for supplementation that is becoming widespread. Some people take 30 to 40 supplements a day, and for a doctor to make sense of all that, it takes education. Also, there is a need for more evidence-based guidance on supplement use ticking all these boxes will help longevity supplements become mainstream.

Supplementation will become normalized, a part of daily life, with people taking longevity supplements with breakfast or lunch. It will become almost like a routine, much like a workout routine where everything is measured and then people follow that particular routine. Beyond that, we’ll also see more tests and measurements, especially with the rise of devices that can take very specific measurements. The devices can already test blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, with more to come.

Looking to the future

One thing we’d like to see in the future of nutritional supplements is a global harmonization of regulatory laws, rather than each having its own set of rules that have sometimes been developed and determined by people who don’t challenge the claims made. As communities get more on board with supplementation, there will be even more pressure on regulators to better understand what people need.

Longevity in Singapore is fortunately accepted or recognized by the government. We have a Center for Healthy Longevity at the National University of Singapore, we have a Public Longevity Clinic at Alexandra Hospital and we also have a few private clinics in operation that are licensed medical clinics. However, most global healthcare systems are currently geared towards treating problems, rather than preventing them, and that’s not really healthcare, it’s disease care.

Changing this paradigm is very, very important. Treatment is often cheaper than prevention, you can get treatment easily if you have a heart attack, but if you want to prevent a heart attack, you can’t. You have to pay out of pocket, which is weird, and you have to change.

Education also needs to be improved, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and social media and influencers can make people do things that may not be right for them, but they believe it because they got it from TikTok!

But the future is bright, people understand that they can shape their longevity journey, longevity will be democratized and science is developing all the time. Well, see newer biotech ingredients like synthesized bioidentical peptides, senolytic ingredients, or ingestible exosomes. Existing ingredients will be more granular and optimized for bioavailability, exciting times ahead!

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