Medicaid has touched millions of families, don’t let them rip it up

High-quality, affordable health care should be treated as a right, not a privilege, for everyone in America. Yet Republicans are waging war on our health care by seeking sweeping and devastating cuts to Medicaid that would drive up costs and take coverage away from millions of Americans, including many women and children in Nevada.

Throughout my adult career, I have been passionately involved in several initiatives aimed at improving the health of Nevada’s children. This includes serving on important committees such as the Nevada Maternal and Child Health Coalition Steering Committee and the Southern Nevada Maternal and Child Health Coalition, as well as contributing to efforts such as the Governors Association of Nevada to improve birth outcomes and carry and pass numerous policy initiatives during my time in the Nevada State Assembly. Through these experiences, I have personally witnessed the indispensable role that Medicaid plays in ensuring access to health care, and I am deeply concerned to see it under attack.

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